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Searching for, “an emergency dental office near me,” is all you feel up to doing when you experience stabbing tooth pain or another dental emergency. Once you discover an, “emergency dentist in my area,” you will know who to call and where to go. When you call us for urgent dental care, we will schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

How Do I Locate Urgent Dental Care When I Need It?

During office hours, local emergency dentists in Wilbraham treat most types of dental emergencies. Do not hesitate to visit our gentle dentist, even if your severe tooth pain subsides. Until the underlying condition is treated, the pain will return. Please call us and we will accommodate you with the first available appointment during our office hours.

What Is Emergency Dental Care?

Any issue that will get worse without treatment, or any condition that is causing you considerable pain, is an emergency. Additionally, if it is possible to save the tooth, it is an emergency. Typically, waiting will lead to costlier care later. If you are looking for, “an emergency dental care near me,” our emergency dentists treat the following conditions during office hours:

  • Painful cavities
  • Emergency tooth extractions
  • Chipped, cracked or fractured teeth
  • Wisdom tooth pain and pressure
  • Loose or lost fillings or crowns
  • Pain from metal braces
  • Dental infections

When Should Look for Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

I’m not sure if I need to find emergency dental office near me, how can I decide if it is an emergency?

If your emergency can wait until our dentist’s normal business hours, we will do our best to fit you in as quickly as possible. Please call us to schedule an appointment if you experience one of the following:

Broken or Fractured Teeth

A fractured or broken tooth needs attention so it does not fracture more or become infected. If a sharp edge is cutting your tongue or the inside of your mouth, cover the jagged edge with dental wax.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Proper emergency action may save a knocked-out tooth. Rinse the tooth off in warm water and gingerly attempt to put it back in the socket and then call our emergency dental office for an appointment. If you cannot get the tooth back in the socket, put it in a glass of milk and hold gauze over the area to stop the bleeding.

Severe Toothache Pain or Pressure

Severe toothache pain or pressure can have many causes, usually emergency dentists can alleviate your pain and diagnose your problem. Toothaches rarely go away on their own; delaying your visit could result in a more painful, and more expensive to treat, emergency.

Tooth Sensitivity

Severe tooth sensitivity that comes out of nowhere can indicate a fractured tooth or a gum infection. Get in touch with your local emergency dentists to get to the root cause of your tooth sensitivity.

Dental Decay (Cavities)

Dental decay causes cavities, which if they are large enough, can cause severe pain. Contact our emergency dental office to have a dentist alleviate your pain and then determine by best way to treat your tooth.

Abscessed Tooth

If you have acute tooth pain, swelling or a sore on your gum, please contact us for an appointment. You most likely have an abscessed tooth, which needs attention as soon as possible. Please call our office for an appointment and we will do our best to get you in as soon as possible.

Lost or Loose Fillings

Lost or loose fillings leave your teeth susceptible to additional decay. Call us today to schedule an appointment with local emergency dentists to have the filling repaired or replaced.

Broken Crowns or Lost Restorations

A broken crown or lost restoration leaves the underlying tooth defenseless against damage. The exposed tooth tissue will likely be sensitive to hot and cold. Please call us for a temporary or permanent solution that keeps your smile dazzling.

Orthodontic Pain or Injuries

Metal braces can cause pain and injuries. Emergency dentists can stabilize your braces so they stop causing you pain.

Tooth Enamel Worn by Teeth Grinding

Tooth enamel worn by teeth grinding can become a problem if you have been grinding your teeth. Call us to schedule an appointment with our dentist, who can fit you with a night guard to preserve your tooth enamel.

Sinus Pressure

While sinus pressure alone is not an emergency, sinus pressure accompanied by tooth pain may indicate an infection or impacted wisdom teeth.

What Should I Do if I Need Immediate Emergency Dental Care?

If I have a severe emergency, is it better to go to a hospital ER?

Certain dental emergencies need immediate treatment. Please go to your local emergency room or call 911 if you have:

  • Serious facial swelling
  • Severe bleeding
  • Critical trauma to your head, jaw or teeth

How Much Do Emergency Dental Services Cost?

Without dental insurance, needing emergency dental services is a nerve-racking ordeal. Your local emergency dentists in Wilbraham will diagnose your problem and give you an estimate of what the work will cost. We accept major dental insurance plans and credit cards; however, if you have neither of these, we do offer financing options. Please contact us for additional details.

What Should I Do If I Need Emergency Dental Care on a Weekend?

If you need 24hr emergency dental care or have an issue, such as severe bleeding, that needs immediate attention, please call 911 or have someone take you to the closest ER. If your emergency can wait until we can arrange the earliest possible appointment with emergency dentists call our office and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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