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Are you looking for a qualified children’s dentist in Wilbraham? Many of our patients find our pediatric practice after asking their friends, “Can you recommend a children’s dentist near me?” We are proud to provide comprehensive options for dentistry for kids in our area. Our dental staff will work with you to make sure your child’s treatment plan is affordable and works with your busy schedule.

Our Approach to Dentistry for Children

We take a caring and individualized approach to every patient we see. Your children’s dentist will discuss every element of your child’s care with you, allowing you to take a more active role and ensuring that you are informed about all procedures, treatments and exam results.

When Should You Take Your Child to the Dentist?

Your first visit to a kid’s dentist should take place sometime during the first year of his or her life. This first exam is usually relatively informal and involves checking the development of baby teeth and the structure of the jaw. We recommend bringing your baby to our office sometime shortly after the first few teeth have erupted from the gums to ensure proper dental care.

Our Kid’s Dental Care Services

We offer a full lineup of pediatric dental services that include regular exams, fillings, teeth cleaning and many other procedures designed to improve the health of your child’s teeth.

Teeth Cleaning for Children

A thorough teeth cleaning can reduce the risk of bad breath and can keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong for many years to come. We use a practical, reliable approach to teeth cleaning to ensure comfort and effective treatments for your child.

Fluoride Treatments

Your children’s dentist may recommend fluoride applications for your child. These treatments are designed to reduce the risk of tooth decay and the cavities that it can cause.

Dental Sealants

Our sealants are applied to back teeth in a simple and painless process that usually takes just a few minutes in our office. Your children’s dentist can provide you with detailed information on dental sealants and other treatments recommended for your child.


Cavities can weaken the structure of teeth. We can create customized pediatric fillings that support interior structures and help your child bite and chew without discomfort or the risk of further damage to his or her teeth.

Pediatric Crowns

Broken or decayed teeth may need a little extra help to protect them against further damage. Our dentists can fabricate and apply crowns that can provide a durable surface for chewing, biting and other activities.


Custom mouthguards provide much better protection than standard off-the-shelf models. We can create customized solutions to protect your child’s teeth during sports events and athletic competitions.

When Will My Child’s Baby Teeth Arrive?

You can expect to see your baby’s first tooth sometime between four and six months of age. Our dentists can provide you with practical solutions for cleaning and keeping these teeth healthy and strong.

At What Age Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?

Depending on his or her stage of dental development, your child will usually begin losing baby teeth sometime between the ages of five and seven. While pulling these teeth may seem like a practical option, we recommend letting them fall out naturally on their own for greater safety and comfort.

Are Toothaches in Children Common?

Injuries and infections are among the most likely culprits responsible for toothaches in younger children. Our dentists can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and effective treatments for these issues.

If you need expert dental care for your children, call our offices today to set up your first appointment. We look forward to the opportunity to provide quality pediatric dental care for your children.

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