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Periodontal disease can cause serious issues for your dental health, including the loss of teeth and inflammation of the gums. Also known as gum disease, this condition is caused by bacterial colonies that form in the periodontal pockets between your teeth and gums, creating a favorable environment for infections and causing inflammation that can create serious health risks.

The traditional treatment for gum disease has been surgical and involves the removal of gum tissue through an invasive procedure. At our dental practice, we offer a new, noninvasive treatment that can provide real help in managing inflammation, reducing the size and number of periodontal pockets and stopping the progress of gum disease.

What Is Perio Protect®?

Our dental team is proud to be a provider of Perio Protect in West Springfield. This advanced treatment plan involves the use of custom-fitted trays that you fill with a solution that contains 1.7 percent hydrogen peroxide. This low concentration of peroxide ensures that the Perio Protect treatment is safe and effective in the treatment of gum disease.

At your initial appointment, our Perio Protect team will take molds of your gums and teeth and send them to a laboratory to have custom trays made. Because these trays are custom-made to fit your mouth, they deliver the hydrogen peroxide solution directly to your gums.

When the lab returns your trays, we will schedule an appointment with you to fit your trays and teach you how to use the Perio Protect system.

Perio Protect treatments should be performed every day according to the schedule set by your dentist. Each application takes just 10 to 15 minutes and can be accomplished while reading the newspaper, taking a quick jog around the neighborhood or during any number of everyday tasks. This makes Perio Protect one of the most convenient ways to deal with periodontal disease.

How Much Does Perio Protect Cost?

Our dental team will discuss the Perio Protect cost with you after evaluating the condition of your teeth and gums. Because every one of our dental patients is different, we cannot provide an accurate estimate for your treatment costs before examining your mouth and determining the amount of treatment time needed to restore your mouth to a healthier state.

How Long Does Perio Protect Treatment Take?

The total amount of time needed for your Perio Protect regimen will also depend on the severity of your periodontal disease. Many Perio Protect reviews praise the speed and effectiveness of the treatment in restoring healthier gums, and the fact that it takes only 10 to 15 minutes per treatment at home, which makes it much more convenient to treat gum disease in our area.

How to Choose a Perio Protect Dentist

Our Perio Protect dentists have the skills and special training needed to ensure success with your treatment plan. Making sure your dental team has the knowledge and experience required to achieve the best results can help you make the right choice when selecting Perio Protect dentists for you or any member of your family.

What Are the Benefits of Perio Protect?

The ease of treatment and outstanding results are often mentioned in Perio Protect reviews. Fresher breath and whiter teeth are also positive side effects of these treatments.

The bacteria that cause gum disease can create serious health issues if they spread to other parts of your body. By eliminating the pockets of bacteria that are associated with gum disease, Perio Protect can actually improve your overall state of health to help you feel your best every day.

Can Anyone Get Perio Protect?

Perio treatment is designed specifically for people who have gum disease. In some cases, Perio Protect alone will not resolve your issues, nor stop the progress of the disease. Our dentists will work with you to determine the most effective treatment regimen for your needs.

Will Insurance Cover Perio Protect?

Many dental plans do cover at least a portion of the cost of Perio Protect. To find out more, contact your insurer and ask if they accept code D5994, which identifies Perio Protect for the purpose of determining coverage. Our administrative team will discuss your coverage with you to make sure you pay as little out-of-pocket as possible.

Our dental practice is proud to offer Perio Protect in West Springfield and we will work with you to ensure the best Perio Protect results. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to the chance to serve you.

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