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Our dental practice offers a wide range of general dentistry services designed to help you look and feel your best. Our dental professionals deliver affordable quality dentures that can enhance your appearance and can help you eat and speak more easily. If you are in search of dentures in West Springfield, we have great options in your price range and that meet your specific set of requirements.

How Do Dentures Work?

A denture consists of a fitted piece of acrylic inset with artificial teeth. A full set will include an upper and a lower denture, each customized to fit against your gums securely. Our team of denture experts will work with you to determine the right approach to your issues and to provide you with the best possible solutions for your teeth and gums.

What Kinds of Dentures Are There?

Our office can fabricate both permanently implanted denture appliances and removable options that can be taken out when necessary. We offer full and partial denture solutions that are designed specifically to fit your needs and to enhance your smile.

Full Denture Appliances

For patients who have lost most of their teeth on the upper or lower part of their mouth, a full denture can restore the appearance of these teeth. In most cases, a properly fitted full denture can also improve the quality of your bite and your ability to speak and chew.

Is a Partial Denture a Reliable Option?

A partial denture is designed to fill empty spots left by missing teeth. These artificial teeth may be attached to a bridge made of sturdy acrylic and metal or may be permanently attached to an implant. Either way, they can provide a real enhancement for your smile.

Is a Flexible Partial Denture a Reliable Option?

Flexible dentures are a relatively new development in the dental industry and are designed to provide a more natural experience. Because these dental appliances are more pliable, they may look more natural and may be more comfortable due to the lightweight material used to make them.

Is an Implant-Supported Denture a Reliable Option?

Dental implants are small, durable posts that are placed into the bone of your jaw and extend through your gums. These implants can serve as the base for artificial teeth and partial or full dentures. An implant-based denture cannot be removed and works in the same way as your natural teeth for biting, chewing and speaking.

The Basics of All-on-4® Denture Procedures

All-on-4 dentures are full denture plates that are attached to four implants. These full dentures are ideal for patients who want a full replacement of their upper or lower teeth.

What to Expect

During your initial examination, our dentists will discuss costs and options with you. If extractions are required, we will schedule that appointment as soon as possible to speed up the process. Our team of dental professionals will work with you to make sure you receive comfortable and practical solutions for your denture needs.

How Much Will My Dentures Cost to Get?

Our office provides affordable quality dentures that suit your needs and your budget. The cost of your dentures will vary depending on a number of factors that may include the number of extractions required, whether implants will be involved and the materials chosen to fabricate your dentures.

When Do You Need a Soft Denture Reline?

A soft reline can improve the fit of your dentures for greater comfort and stability. Your dentist will let you know if this procedure could help you get the most from your denture-wearing experience.

How Should You Schedule a Consultation with Our Office in West Springfield?

If you need dentures, call our offices today to schedule your first consultation. Call us today at (413) 507-0119 or book an appointment online. We look forward to the chance to serve all your dental needs.

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