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When you visit our practice with a severely damaged or decayed tooth, our dentists will do their best to save the tooth using a crown or other treatment. However, there are times when the tooth cannot be saved through restorative dentistry. If this happens, the dentist will recommend a tooth extraction in Sturbridge.

What is the Typical Tooth Extraction Cost?

Many patients ask us, “How much do teeth extractions cost?” In most cases, your out-of-pocket expenses will depend on whether you have insurance, the type of extraction needed, and whether the procedure is performed by a dentist or oral surgeon. Procedures administered by oral surgeons typically are higher in cost than those performed at a general dentistry practice. During your consultation, we’ll provide an estimate of the total cost and offer information about your payment options.

What is an Oral Surgery Tooth Removal?

Sometimes, getting a tooth pulled by a dentist isn’t possible. When a tooth is only partially erupted or impacted under the gums, the dentist may refer you to a local oral surgeon. If your extraction is complex, our dentist will connect you with a skilled, local oral surgeon.

When Must a Tooth be Pulled?

If a tooth is severely infected, cracked, or decayed, root canal therapy may not be enough to save it. Patients who are experiencing pain due to a damaged tooth may find that the discomfort subsides once the tooth is extracted.

Do Dentists Extract Broken, Cracked, or Decayed Teeth?

Teeth can be significantly damaged for many reasons, including chewing too hard, cavities, or advanced gum disease. When a tooth is so damaged that a crown or filling cannot restore it, removing the tooth may be necessary. Our dentists will examine the damaged tooth and determine whether a tooth extraction is necessary. The extraction procedure is virtually painless for the patient and usually is very straightforward.

When Are Baby Teeth Pulled?

Sometimes, a child’s baby teeth do not fall out naturally, preventing the adult tooth from growing into place. Baby teeth that are obstructing permanent teeth must be removed to avoid alignment issues. If your child requires an extraction, contact our office. We’ll ensure your child feels welcome and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Will Advanced Gum Disease Lead to an Extraction?

If your periodontal disease is in the later stages, the gums may begin to recede and cause the teeth to loosen. The teeth also might fall out on their own as the gum disease progresses. However, a tooth extraction in Sturbridge may be necessary if the infected tooth is painful. Getting the tooth pulled typically eliminates any pain.

When Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Most people receive their third set of molars, called the “wisdom teeth,” around age 17 to 25. However, there often isn’t enough space in the jaw to accommodate these teeth. This can cause pain and usually results in needing an extraction. If your wisdom teeth are fully erupted, they usually can be extracted at the dentist’s office. When the teeth are impacted under the gums, oral surgery will be necessary to remove them.

Will I Need an Extraction for Crowded Teeth?

Teeth crowding occurs when you have more adult teeth than necessary. If your jaw cannot accommodate all your teeth, the dentist may perform an extraction to make more space in the jaw. This allows for orthodontic movement.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Taking proper care of your mouth after a tooth extraction can make the healing process go more smoothly. If the dentist has prescribed painkillers, take them as directed. You may be instructed to bite down on gauze, which stops the bleeding and promotes clotting inside the tooth socket. Ice packs can be used against the cheek if swelling is present.

How Long Will It Take to Heal After an Extraction?

Tooth extraction healing typically takes one to two weeks, depending on the location of the tooth and whether the procedure is surgical or done in-office. While the site is healing, it’s important to keep the area clean to prevent infection. If you experience complications like pain or swelling after having a tooth pulled, contact our office as quickly as possible.

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