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If you’ve lost most of your teeth or are tired of dealing with traditional dentures, you may want to learn more about implant-supported dentures. These dentures offer many health and appearance benefits to people who are good candidates for them. Continue reading to learn more about whether or not denture implants are the right choice for you.

What Are Implant-supported Dentures and How Are They Used?

An implant-supported denture is just like a regular denture in that it replaces the function and appearance of natural teeth. While traditional dentures rest along the gums and are held in place with adhesive, implant dentures feature implants within the jawbone that anchor the dentures in place. You can have removable or fixed, affordable, quality implant-supported dentures placed where your upper or lower sets of teeth would be.

How Long Will It Take My Dentist to Insert My Denture Implants?

The process begins with a full examination by your dentist. After your dentist has looked at your teeth, mouth and considered how much bone loss has occurred, he or she will recommend denture options for you.

If you choose to continue with the implant-supported dentures process, you will have a second visit where the dentist places the implants within the bone. Typically speaking, the dentist will place between four and six implants. You will then spend around three months at home waiting for the bone to fuse to the implants.

On your third visit, the dentist will open up a small incision that will allow the implants under the gum line to be exposed. This incision will be fully healed within two weeks and you will then be able to come back in for the final fitting of your dentures.

This takes around five to seven months to complete. If you would like to have your dentures sooner, ask your dentist about a newer, one-step process that has recently been developed.

What Will My Implant-supported Dentures Cost?

You will find that the cost of denture implants will vary according to what procedure is used and what types of implant-supported dentures the dentist places in your mouth. Our office prides itself on offering an array of affordable, quality implant-supported dentures to our patients.

What Are The Pros To Having Implant-supported Dentures?

Since your implant-supported dentures are anchored to your jawbone, you won’t have to worry about using adhesives to keep your dentures in place. This also makes your dentures more stable and allows them to function in place of your natural teeth better than regular dentures would.

Are These Kinds of Dentures Easy to Take Care of?

Most of our patients find their implant-supported dentures rather simple to take care of. For fixed dentures, all it takes is regular brushing. Patients with removable dentures must take their dentures out every night and clean them.

Why Do People Choose Implant Dentures Over Regular Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures provide people with the security of knowing that their dentures will stay in place. They also slow down bone loss, make it easier to eat and make you feel more self-confident when you’re interacting with others.

If you’re still interested in finding out whether implant-supported dentures in Springfield are right for you, contact us today. Our staff members are willing and ready to help you schedule your first appointment. Call us today at (413) 507-0115 or book an appointment online.

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