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Gum disease develops from bacteria that colonize on your teeth and spread into the periodontal pockets, which are the spaces between your teeth and gums. Also called periodontal disease, it causes inflammation and tenderness. If the disease progresses without treatment, your teeth could fall out, and you might develop other health problems.

The principal way that dentists have treated gum disease is with invasive surgery. However, a new method known as Perio Protect provides a way to treat it without an invasive procedure. Visit us for a consultation and our Perio Protect® dentists will determine if it’s right for you.

Perio Protect: What Is It?

When dentists perform surgery for periodontal disease, they remove some of the gum tissue. Since this creates wounds, more bacteria can build up while you wait for your gums to heal. And, the lack of gum tissue might make your teeth sensitive.

Perio Protect is a gum disease treatment that removes the biofilms that develop as a result of bacterial growth. To prevent the need for surgery, it uses customized, removable trays for your teeth. They hold a medication that contains 1.7 percent of hydrogen peroxide to kill the bacteria deep in the periodontal pockets. As a result, you get gently cleaned gums and freshened breath. In severe cases of gum disease, however, surgery may be necessary. Used as an aftercare treatment, Perio Protect can enhance the surgery results.

Since gum disease is an incurable condition, Perio Protect treatment is the best option for managing bacterial growth. This treatment is effective because you can use the medication and tray devices every day. Find out more about how to use them when you talk to our dentists.

How Long Does It Take to Get Results?

The time required for Perio Protect treatment to produce results will depend on how much your gum disease has progressed. It starts with one of our dentists making an impression of your teeth. Then, they’ll send the impression to a lab that customizes the trays to fit your mouth. You’ll add the medication to the trays, which are similar to mouth guards.

Our dentists can determine how often you’ll have to wear the trays to get the desired Perio Protect results. You may see a dramatic difference if you use them every day. With each use, you only have to wear the trays for 10 to 15 minutes.

What Benefits Does Perio Protect Provide?

Patients’ Perio Protect reviews demonstrate how effective this treatment is for oral health. First, it’s noninvasive, easy to use, convenient and doesn’t require recovery time from surgery. As a result, you can fit it into your daily routine without interrupting your schedule.

Because your vital organs and bloodstream are connected directly to your gums, it’s important that you manage periodontal disease well. By using Perio Protect, up to 90 percent of the damage-causing bacteria can be eliminated.
In addition, Perio Protect reviews from patients praise the healthier feeling in their mouths after they use the trays. This treatment not only gives you fresher breath, but also makes your teeth whiter. Find out more about the Perio Protect benefits during your consultation.

Do Perio Protect Dentists Require Training?

Not all dental offices have Perio Protect dentists. In fact, some dentists haven’t heard of this treatment method yet. Those who do offer it must complete training before they can prescribe it and teach you how to use it. Fortunately, our dentists have obtained proper certification to provide Perio Protect in Springfield.

How Much Will Perio Protect Cost?

As a comprehensive treatment, Perio Protect involves multiple products and services. However, there’s no fixed price because the cost is based on your own specific needs. For instance, the amount of medication you need and how often you use it may be different than what other patients are prescribed. These factors affect your Perio Protect cost. Ask our dentists about affordable Perio Protect options.

Dental Insurance: Does It Cover Perio Protect?

Your Perio Protect cost with insurance is determined by the specific benefits of your dental policy. You can find out if this treatment is covered before your consultation when you call your insurer. Just ask the representative whether or not your plan has coverage for insurance code D5994. Our dental staff can assist you if you have trouble getting an answer about your coverage for Perio Protect in Springfield.

Is Perio Protect for Anyone?

Anyone is a candidate for Perio Protect if they have gum disease but don’t want to have surgery or continue to have problems after surgery. However, you should talk to our dentists if your condition is too severe for only Perio treatment to address. You might need both surgery and Perio Protect for the best results. Schedule a consultation with our dental office to find out more.

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