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Dental Implants in Northampton

Implants are one of the most popular ways of replacing a missing tooth because no one will be able to tell that you have a crown and not a natural tooth. An implant lets you eat and speak normally once again and they do wonders to restore your smile. If you have missing teeth, contact us to discover how dental implants in Northampton can give you the smile you want.

What is a Tooth Implant?

Implants are a safe, long-term solution to missing teeth. A tooth implant, also called a dental implant, is an artificial tooth anchored in your mouth. It functions the same as a natural tooth, in fact you may even forget that you have an implant. Implants can also hold dentures, so they do not slip, yet the dentures remain removable. Dental implants anchor bridges as well, so the dentist does not have to cap neighboring teeth.

What Does it Cost to Get Dental Implants?

The dental implants cost varies, and it would be unfair to give you an estimate without our dentist examining you and determining if your jawbone can support an implant. If it cannot, a bone graft or a subperiosteal implant may be necessary. While we offer affordable dental implants at our practice, you need to call our office and schedule a consultation with our dentist, who can give you an estimated dental implants cost after your examination.

Can I Purchase Dental Implants Insurance?

Most dental insurance policies do not cover implants, however, you should check your policy to be certain. Even without dental implants insurance coverage, you can still have an implant if you are a good candidate for one. At our practice, we understand that the dental implants cost is a concern so we offer financing on our affordable dental implants.

How Does a Dentist Place Implants?

The endosteal dental implants procedure is straightforward for patients with a healthy jawbone. A small metal post is surgically inserted into your jawbone, where it will meld with the bone, creating a very strong anchor. This process may take between one and two months. In the meantime, your dentist will order your custom-made crown from a dental lab. Once you heal, your dentist will cement the crown onto the abutment of the metal post and then the procedure is finished.

If your jawbone is not healthy, our dentist will suggest a bone graft so he or she can still do an endosteal dental implants procedure. If a bone graft is not possible, you still have the option of having a subperiosteal dental implants procedure, where the post attaches to a metal framework below the gumline and above the jawbone.

Why Should I Choose Implants?

Many of our patients have a specific reason for wanting an implant, these can include:

  • Wanting to feel more confident
  • Wanting a more attractive smile
  • Desiring a permanent solution to missing teeth
  • They have seen bridges that do not look natural

Contact our dental practice to learn more about implants and how they can benefit you.

What Can Different Types of Implants Do?

Implants are versatile, there are many ways that they can make your life easier. The various types of implants include:

A Single Implant

One single tooth implant will replace one missing tooth.

Mini Implants

Mini implants are perfect for small, narrow spaces in the mouth where a normal sized implant can’t reach. They can also be useful for holding lower-jaw dentures in place. This implant only requires a minimally invasive procedure, meaning the patient heals relatively quickly. Call us to learn how we can solve your missing teeth problem with dental implants in Northampton.

Implant-Supported Bridge

Instead of filing down neighboring teeth to place a crown on them, our dentist can give you implants that will support your bridge.

Are Dental Implants Difficult to Care For?

Implants are no more difficult to care for than your natural teeth. You brush and floss them, treating them the same as your other teeth. Be sure to schedule regular checkups to ensure that the implants are still functioning correctly and remain secure.

Are There Any Conditions That Exclude an Individual from Getting Implants?

Only a dentist who does implants can tell you if you are a good candidate. Please call our office to schedule your appointment. Our dentist can answer all of your questions.

Will My Implants Last Forever?

At a minimum, implants last for 10 years. However, they may last a lifetime if you practice good oral hygiene and maintain the schedule your dentist recommends for checkups and cleanings. Implants in certain places in your mouth last longer than others.

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