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Our dental practice can provide you with help if you have been asking, “Is there an established and friendly children’s dentist near me?” We offer a full range of dentistry for kids services in a relaxed and comfortable environment, allowing you to feel more confident when planning your visit to our children’s dentist in Northampton. By entrusting your kid’s dental care to us, you can make sure that they get the right start on a lifetime of good dental habits.

Dentistry for Children

Children can be very different from adults to work with in the medical and dental environment. Our children’s dentist can keep your children distracted and happy while checking their teeth and correcting any issues. We offer nearly painless dentistry services to create the right foundation for your child’s future dental treatment.

At What Age Should You Take Your Child to the Dentist?

The experts at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry say that you should schedule a visit with a children’s dentist sometime after your child gets his or her first teeth during the first year of life. This can allow your dentist to spot any problems quickly and act to correct them during this critical time.

What Services Are Available from a Kid’s Dentist?

Your children’s dentist will provide you with a number of options for your child’s dental care, including cleanings, sealants and fluoride applications. We also offer a range of filling materials and pediatric crowns suited to your child’s needs and your budget constraints.

Pediatric Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning your teeth regularly can remove trapped food, bacteria and plaque. Our experienced dentists offer teeth cleaning for your child that can help to prevent cavities and promote a healthier mouth.

Fluoride Treatments

Our dental staff can apply fluoride to your child’s teeth to neutralize some of the bacteria that could cause tooth decay. Fluoride applications can prevent cavities, promoting better dental health for your child.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are typically applied to the molars to provide a protective layer when chewing. This can reduce the risk of damage caused by tooth decay.


If a cavity does form, a filling can be used to seal the hole and to provide added structural support for your child’s damaged tooth. This can be performed for baby teeth or permanent teeth on the advice of your dentist.

Pediatric Crowns

Just like adult crowns, pediatric crowns are placed over a tooth that has sustained damage because of decay or an accident. These dental appliances can provide added structural support for delicate or vulnerable teeth.


If your child participates in team sports, we can provide you with a custom mouthguard to protect his or her teeth and gums from injury during these athletic activities.

When Should Baby Teeth Arrive?

Your child will usually begin the teething process sometime after four months. As soon as he or she has one or two teeth, our dentists can perform an initial examination to make sure the teeth are healthy and to provide you with advice on brushing, flossing and general care of these new teeth.

When Should Baby Teeth Begin to Fall Out?

Baby teeth usually begin to fall out when your child is between the ages of five and seven years. We do not recommend pulling these teeth at home. Allowing them to fall out naturally is usually the best course of action for optimal dental health.

What Should I Do If My Child Has a Toothache?

Toothaches can be caused by abscesses or infections in the gums or damage to the teeth themselves. We recommend a visit to our office where our dentists can diagnose and resolve these issues quickly.

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist, our office can provide dental care services for your child, your budget and your schedule. Call us to set up your child’s first appointment. Call us today at (413) 534-3098 or book an appointment online. We look forward to meeting with you.

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