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Many dentists recommend that patients who have lost many or all of their teeth be fitted for dentures. Before going the route of using traditional dentures that rest on the gums, you may want to consider implant-supported dentures instead.

What Problems Do an Implant Denture Fix?

This type of denture is commonly used when a patient has lost a significant number of teeth but still retains much of the jawbone. Rather than resting on the gums like regular dentures, implant-supported dentures rely on the dentist placing implants in the jaw. These implants are used to anchor the dentures to the jaw. affordable, quality implant-supported dentures are more stable than traditional dentures. They may be removable or fixed. Your dentist can also place them where your upper or lower sets of teeth would be.

How Long Will It Take to Complete the Denture Process?

The procedure for placing implant dentures usually takes between five and seven months. The process begins with a consultation. At this visit, the dentist will assess your oral health and discuss denture options with you.

If you are a good candidate for implant-supported dentures, you will be scheduled for a second visit. At this visit, your dentist will place the implants in your jaw. The number of implants used will typically be between four and six. Some patients only need two implants. Your dentist will use either bar-shaped or ball-shaped implants.

It will take up to three months for the implants to fuse to the surrounding jawbone. Once this has happened, you will come back for a second surgical procedure. This procedure consists of the dentist making a small incision so that the implants are exposed from beneath the gums. Your incision should heal within 10 and 14 days, after which you will come back for your final denture insertion.

A newer process that only takes one step is also available. You should speak with your dentist to learn if this newer and faster procedure is a good option for you.

What Do Implant-supported Dentures Cost?

You may be worried about the cost of denture implants. Many of our patients find that affordable, quality implant-supported dentures are within economic reach. The overall cost of your implant-supported dentures will depend on the procedure your dentist uses and the type of dentures you have.

Is There a Benefit to Having Implant-supported Dentures?

Since implant-supported dentures don’t require the use of adhesives, they are more stable than regular dentures. They mimic the function of natural teeth better and provide a sturdier foundation than traditional dentures.

How Should I Care for My Implant Dentures?

If you have removable dentures, you should take them out every night and place them in a cleaning solution for dentures. Fixed dentures need to be brushed regularly. Consistent visits to your dentist are also recommended.

Why Choose Implant-supported Dentures Over Regular Dentures?

Many patients prefer implant-supported dentures because they are sturdier than regular dentures. They also provide an array of benefits to your health and appearance. These benefits include slowing bone loss, allowing you to eat normally and giving you more confidence when you interact with other people.

If you would like more information on implant-supported dentures in Ludlow, call us right now. Our friendly staff will happily answer any questions you may have. Call us today at (413) 241-8991 or book an appointment online.

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