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While getting a tooth extracted is not a pleasant thought, we do our best to make your experience as fast and as pain-free as possible. We will tell you if your tooth can be saved, but if not, our dentist is experienced with extractions for patients of all ages.

What Does Getting a Tooth Pulled Out Feel Like?

Having a tooth taken out is not painful. Our dentist numbs the area and does not start the procedure until your teeth and gums are completely numb. You may feel pressure as our dentist moves the tooth, but this is not pain. The dental extraction will be over before you know it.

Is a Tooth Extraction Expensive?

While we do our best to keep our dental extraction costs affordable, our dentist would have to do an examination before giving you an estimated tooth extraction cost. If our dentist has to refer your case to an oral surgeon, expect to pay a higher price as surgical extractions nearly always cost more money. Please call our office to schedule an appointment and our dentist can give you an estimate after your exam.

When Do Dentists Suggest That You Have Your Tooth Pulled?

Our dentist will suggest an extraction if the tooth cannot be saved. Our dentist may also suggest tooth removal in other situations, such as before you get braces.

Do You Have a Painful Broken or Cracked Tooth?

Our dentist can usually repair minor breaks or cracks in a tooth, so call us for an appointment as soon as the break occurs. An extensive crack or break may not be possible to fix, so our dentist may suggest a tooth extraction instead.

Do You Have a Tooth That Is Severely Decayed?

Decay, also known as a cavity, can be so extensive that a root canal cannot save the tooth.

Are Your Teeth Too Crowded?

Crowded teeth often grow in misaligned. Our dentist may need to pull several teeth before you begin wearing braces to make room for the remaining teeth as they align properly.

Have You Been Diagnosed with Advanced Stage Gum Disease?

If your dentist has told you that you have advanced gum disease, you may need teeth extractions when your teeth start becoming loose.

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Coming in Crooked?

Wisdom teeth, which come in anywhere between age 17 to 25, may come in crooked, where they put pressure on other teeth. In some cases, the wisdom teeth become impacted and they cannot emerge at all. Our dentist can perform a simple extraction; however, he or she will send you to a trusted oral surgeon if you need surgical extractions.

What Should I Do After Having a Tooth Pulled?

After a dental tooth extraction, you will have to keep gauze in your mouth, putting pressure on the site to stop the bleeding. A blood clot will form and our dentist will tell you what activities you cannot do if you do not want to dislodge the clot. Follow your dentist’s recommendations exactly to avoid a very painful condition called dry socket.

Does the Tooth Extraction Healing Process Take Longer Than a Week?

Healing may take up to two weeks with a dental extraction. However, you can resume many of your normal activities before your extraction site fully heals. A surgical extraction will take longer to heal.

If you are looking for tooth extraction in Ludlow, please call our dental office for an appointment. Call us today at (413) 241-8991 or book an appointment online.

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