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Affordable Dental Payment Options

If you’ve been delaying dental treatments that you need because of concerns about the cost, then you need delay no longer. Our Holyoke office is one of the best in the area for making dental treatments affordable through our numerous payment options. Whether you need dental insurance, low monthly payments, or a package option, we can help you. We have plans and payment options that will fit almost every budget, so don’t delay, call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and dedicated dentists in Holyoke.

Affordable Dental Payment Options

Although good dental hygiene is essential to your overall good health, it can be expensive, and sometimes, people delay seeking needed treatment due to financial constraints. The philosophy of our Holyoke office is that all people should be able to receive the dental care they need at a price they can afford, so we work diligently with our patients to ensure that the cost of their treatment needs fit within their budget. We offer numerous payment options that include discounted plans, monthly specials, and more, so that our patients can afford the treatment or treatments that they need from an affordable dentist. You can have a healthy, beautiful smile no matter your budget, so call our Holyoke office to learn more about our affordable dental services. Read on to learn more about our affordable quality dental care.

Flexible Financing Arrangements

When people come into our Holyoke office, one of the first questions they usually ask is, “What’s the cost of my dental care?” The cost can be the determining factor in whether they receive the treatment they need or forego it. Although many people relegate dental treatments to the bottom of their necessary list, they are, in fact, vital to your overall good health. When your teeth, gums, and mouth are in poor shape, then the rest of your body may be adversely affected. Don’t delay in seeking dental treatment that you need, call us today.

We’d be delighted to help you if you’ve been wondering, “Where can I find a dentist near me that takes payments?” If you’ve delayed too long in seeking needed dental procedures, then wonder no more. We know that dental expenses are often unexpected, so you may be short on the funds needed to pay for them, but we have many affordable dental payment plans that can help you obtain the treatments that you need. We can spread the payments over several months in dental payment plans, suggest affordable dental insurance, low-cost dental insurance or several other options, so call us today to learn more about our dental plans. We’ve got a dentist with payment plans. Continue reading

DentRite® Plus Discount Plan

DentRite Plus dental discount plans are a great option for those without dental insurance. It’s not an insurance plan, but rather a membership plan that enables people to receive discounts on their procedures. It provides unlimited usage as well as savings on vision care, prescriptions, and hearing aids. There’s no risk and everyone is accepted for these affordable dental plans. Usually, DentRite Plus members save at least $250 annually on preventative treatments and from 20 to 70 percent on routine procedures. Call our Holyoke office today to learn more about the benefits of this great discount dental membership plan. Continue reading

Most Dental Insurance Accepted

We accept most discount dental plans and affordable dental insurance plans, so if you have either of those, it’s a great way to make your dental treatments more affordable. Since plan coverages vary widely however, your provider is the best source of information on your deductible, copays, coverage limits, and exclusions. If you have difficulty contacting them, then call our Holyoke office and we may be able to help you, but check with your plan provider first. We’ll do our utmost to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits to which you’re entitled, and we’ll file claims with your provider on your behalf.

If you don’t have dental insurance, we may be able to recommend a low-cost dental insurance plan. We want you to be able to get the coverage you need with an inexpensive dental insurance plan, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information. Continue reading

Special Offers

If you’re seeking an affordable dentist or a dentist with payment plans, then call Baystate Dental of Holyoke today at (413) 241-3615 and let us help you. We regularly offer new patient dental specials, dental cleaning specials, and discounts on treatments that can help you receive the dental treatments that you need to maintain your good oral health. We also periodically offer specials on procedures not normally covered by insurance or for those who don’t have dental insurance.

If you’re still searching for inexpensive dental insurance or affordable dental plans, then call our Holyoke office today. We’re among the best in the Holyoke area for dentistry and we strive to provide our patients with the quality, affordable dental treatments they need at a price that fits their budget. We have an excellent reputation in the local community and we strive to maintain that reputation, so you can be assured you’ll get the best care that we can provide. Call us today and let’s get started on restoring your good dental health. We look forward to speaking with you and adding you to our ever-expanding dental family. Learn more about our special offers and discounts

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