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Dental Implants in Greenfield

A missing tooth is not something that you should ignore. Besides, it may be putting a damper on your professional or personal life, and even worse, a missing tooth will lead to bone loss. A dental implant is the only restoration that prevents bone loss while providing you with a long-term solution to a missing tooth. Call us to arrange an appointment and we can help you make an informed decision. Please keep reading to learn more about the benefits of dental implants in Greenfield.

What Are Tooth Implants?

Dental implants are metal posts, compatible with the human body, which a dentist surgically places in your jawbone. The bone grows around the implant, creating a firm anchor for a crown. Implants match the appearance of surrounding teeth and they enable individuals to do everything that they did when they had a healthy tooth in that location.

Do Dental Implants Cost a Lot of Money?

Many factors will affect your dental implants cost. When one of our dentists examines you, he or she will discuss your crown and post materials and whether you need an endosteal or subperiosteal implant. Implants are not as expensive as you may believe. If you cannot pay the total dental implants cost at once, we offer financing options to our valued patients.

Is Dental Implants Insurance a Possibility?

Dental implants insurance typically will not cover any part of the dental implants procedure because implants are usually elective. Your insurance may pay a portion of the cost of the crown if the crown helps restore tooth function. We endeavor to offer affordable dental implants, so contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about the cost that you would pay.

What Are the Dental Implants Procedure Steps?

The dental implants procedure starts with our dentist determining if you have a strong enough jawbone. A strong jawbone means the dentist can place an endosteal implant. If not, a bone graft may be an option. If a bone graft isn’t possible, our dentist may recommend a subperiosteal implant. This procedure uses an implanted metal framework to hold the crown. Once the implant is in place, your customized crown is manufactured while you heal. Once the site heals, you return to our office so our dentist can place the crown on the abutment of the implant.

Are There Advantages to Choosing Implants Over a Bridge?

There are several advantages to choosing an implant over a bridge for one missing tooth. These advantages include:

  • Abutment teeth do not need crowns
  • An implant helps prevent jawbone loss since it acts as a tooth root
  • Implants make caring for your teeth easier
  • Implants have a more pleasing aesthetic appearance
  • It is easier to eat the foods you enjoy

If dental implants in Greenfield sound intriguing, please contact our office today to arrange an appointment.

What Are the Different Types of Dental Implants?

There are three ways implants are used:

Single Implant

Single tooth implants are the ideal way to replace one missing tooth without altering the adjacent teeth. An implant also stops bone loss in the area, which keeps your face from developing a shrunken appearance.

Mini Implants

A mini implant provides denture stability. They are more affordable dental implants because they are a simpler, minimally invasive procedure. You will have minimal healing time, giving you an almost immediate benefit. Additionally, implant retained dentures have a long-term benefit; they may help prevent additional bone loss.

Implant-Supported Bridge

Our experienced dentist may suggest a bridge supported by implants to replace two or more adjacent teeth. Unlike conventional bridges, the adjoining teeth do not have to support the bridge.

Does a Dental Implant Require Regular Maintenance?

Dental Implants do not require any more care than your other teeth. You brush and floss as you normally do and keep your dental appointments for checkups and cleanings. Our dentist may suggest a mouth rinse that you should use as directed.

How Do I Determine If I Am a Good Candidate for Implants?

Our dentist will examine the area where you are missing a tooth and he or she will make a clinical assessment of your jawbone and oral health to determine if you are a good candidate for a dental implant. Please call our office to schedule an appointment with our dentist to determine if an implant is your best option to replace a missing tooth.

How Long Does a Dental Implant Last?

Patients often ask us about the life of their dental implant. Various factors affect the life of your implant, including your oral hygiene routine and which tooth the implant replaced. Expect your implant to last anywhere from a decade to a lifetime.

If you want to see if you are a candidate for an implant, or you want to learn more about these dental wonders, contact us to schedule your appointment. Call us today at (413) 306-4633 or request an appointment online.

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