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After eating or drinking, a bacterial residue remains on your teeth unless it’s removed by brushing and flossing. If it’s not removed, then it begins to multiply and spread into the periodontal pockets between your gums and teeth. This can cause inflammation, swelling, and infection and can result in gum disease, also called periodontal disease. Left untreated, your teeth can fall out and you can experience health issues.

In the past, gum disease has been treated through the use of invasive surgery that was protracted and painful. A relatively new procedure called Perio Protect® can provide the same benefits as surgery without the deleterious side effects. If you want to learn more about Perio Protect in Western Massachusetts, call our office and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

What Is Meant by Perio Protect?

Perio Protect is a comprehensive, customizable treatment for periodontal disease that eliminates the bacterial film that covers the teeth. Unlike the surgical method, Perio Protect doesn’t remove any gum tissue, so there are no open incisions that can collect additional bacteria.

The Perio Protect procedure is a patented system that uses trays to deliver a 1.7 percent hydrogen peroxide solution to the affected areas of the teeth in order to kill the bacteria. The trays are custom-fitted to your mouth, so they’ll fit well and you’ll achieve the optimal results from this innovative process. The peroxide solution will also cleanse your gums and freshen your breath. Occasionally, surgery may be needed even with the Perio treatment, but the surgical procedure will be less invasive and more effective with the Perio procedure.

There is currently no cure for periodontal disease, so the Perio procedure is an ideal method for maintenance and management if you have gum disease­—the treatment can be used daily at home for maximum effectiveness. If you’re interested in getting Perio Protect in Western Massachusetts, then call our office and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

Is the Perio Protect Treatment a Lengthy Process?

Since each patient is unique, the treatment time for each patient will be unique to them and will primarily be determined by the extent of their periodontal disease. We’ll make an impression of your teeth during your initial visit, and then we’ll send it to our lab so that your customized trays can be fabricated. The trays are similar in appearance to mouth guards, and you’ll place the peroxide solution in them.

During your first visit, your dentist will examine your gums and teeth to determine the duration and frequency of your treatment to achieve the best results. You may notice an immediate improvement if you wear the trays daily even though you’ll wear them for just 10 to 15 minutes each time. By following your dentist’s instructions, you’ll ensure that you achieve the best Perio Protect results, so be sure to adhere to your dentist’s treatment schedule.

What Benefits Does Perio Protect Offer?

Perio Protect reviews from our patients indicate that the treatment is very effective for gum disease and that they’ve noticed an improvement in their overall health, as well. The Perio procedure is easy to use, it’s comfortable, and it’s convenient. It also adapts well to your schedule, so you can fit your treatments into your daily routine without disruption.

Your gums have a direct connection to your vital organs and your bloodstream, so keeping your gums as healthy as possible is an excellent method for maintaining overall good health. When you use the Perio Protect procedure, you can prevent as much as 90 percent of the pathogens that cause periodontal disease.

Perio Protect reviews also indicate that the patients’ mouths feel much cleaner, fresher, and healthier when they use the Perio Protect system. Since the medication uses hydrogen peroxide, the treatment also results in whiter teeth. During your consultation in our Western Massachusetts office, ask your dentist about the additional benefits of the Perio Protect system.

Can All Dentists Provide the Perio Protect Procedure?

All dentists who have completed the training for the Perio Protect system can provide it. However, not all dentists have done this and not all of them are aware of this innovative new treatment. All of the Perio Protect dentists in our Western Massachusetts office have been trained and certified in the use of this patented treatment, so call us today to schedule an appointment.

Is the Perio Protect Procedure Expensive?

Your Perio Protect cost will depend on the stage of your periodontal disease and the condition of your gums and teeth. Since this is a comprehensive procedure, several separate costs are involved. Your trays, the prescription, and other factors will determine the cost for your individual treatment plan. During your initial visit, one of our Perio Protect dentists will provide you with a Perio Protect cost estimate detailing the fees you’ll incur. If your insurance plan doesn’t cover your treatment, we have affordable Perio Protect payment options available, so ask us about them.

Will My Insurance Cover My Perio Protect Cost?

Although some insurance plans cover this treatment, we can’t guarantee that yours will. Your policy is specific to you, so the best source of information on this subject is your policy provider. When you call your insurance provider, ask if your plan benefits cover the insurance code D5994. If that doesn’t help, then call our knowledgeable staff and we can help you.

Is Perio Protect Available For Anyone?

Although the Perio Protect treatment is appropriate for many people, each patient has unique needs. If you have periodontal disease and want to avoid surgery, or if you have had an unsuccessful periodontal surgery, then the Perio Protect procedure may be a good fit for you. To learn about the best treatment option for your periodontal disease, call our Western Massachusetts offices and schedule a consultation. We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you to our dental family!

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