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Dental tooth extraction is a last resort at our practice, but if an extraction is called for, our skilled dentists can perform the procedure. If you need a surgical extraction, our dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon.

Are Teeth Extractions Always Required?

A dental extraction is the simple process of removing the tooth from its socket. Your gums and teeth will be numb, although you may feel slight pressure as our dentist moves the tooth back and forth to loosen it.

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How Much Will My Tooth Extraction Cost?

Getting a tooth pulled at our dental office is usually an easy procedure, but some extractions can be more challenging. Your cost will depend on the difficulty our dentist will have removing your tooth. Call us for an appointment and after your examination, our dentist can give you an estimated cost. If you have dental insurance coverage, the cost of you extraction could be covered.

When is Having a Tooth Pulled the Best Option?

Our qualified dentists will work to always try to save teeth. If our dentist suggests a tooth extraction, it is because it is required in order to maintain proper oral health.

Is a Badly Broken Tooth Causing You Severe Pain?

Minor cracks and breaks can usually be covered with a crown. If the crack reaches the tooth’s pulp, our dentist will most likely suggest a root canal. In cases where the crack or break is severe, our dentist will resort to a tooth extraction.

Is Severe Tooth Decay Causing You a Great Deal of Pain?

Severe tooth decay can cause severe pain when eating or biting down. Please give us a call and we will try to get you in quickly.

Do You Have Too Many Teeth?

If your teeth are growing in crooked because you have too many teeth, our dentist will suggest tooth removal before you get braces.

Is Advanced Stage Gum Disease Causing You Problems?

Gum disease can be reversed in its early stages, but late stage gum disease loosens teeth until they fall out on their own or they have to be extracted.

Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth Making Your Jaw Hurt?

Unfortunately, many young adults do not have room in their mouth for their wisdom teeth. The lack of space may cause the teeth to come in at an angle or they many only partially emerge. If you feel your wisdom teeth are causing problems, please call us for an appointment. Our dentist will x-ray the area and determine if the teeth need to come out. If the wisdom teeth are impacted, our dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon for a surgical extraction.

Are There Any Special Things That I Should Do After Having a Tooth Pulled?

Our dentist will give you post extraction instructions, which will include making sure the blood clot forms. In the first 24 hours, you cannot make any sucking motions that could dislodge the clot. Our dentist will also give you instructions for taking pain medicine.

Is the Tooth Extraction Healing Process Lengthy?

You should heal in one to two weeks. While you may have to eat soft foods during the first 24 hours, afterwards, you can eat other foods in your remember to chew on the other side of your mouth.

At our tooth extraction in Western Massachusetts dental practice, we will always try to save your tooth first. Please call us to arrange an appointment if you believe that you need an extraction.

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