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Dental Implants in Western Massachusetts

Are you one of the many adults who have lost a tooth due to an accident or decay? If so, you have probably been curious about dental implants. With an implant, you can replace your missing tooth with a crown that is firmly rooted in your jaw. To learn more, keep reading, and then call our dental office to learn if dental implants in Western Massachusetts are the right choice for you.

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Do Dental Implants Look Like Natural Teeth?

The visible portion of the implant is a crown, which is manufactured to match your other teeth. The crown is cemented to the implant, which becomes a part of your jawbone. Implants function the same as other teeth as well, allowing you to eat and speak with ease.

Are There Affordable Dental Implants Near Me?

Even without dental implants insurance, implants are still affordable. We cannot give you a price until you have an examination since there are endosteal and subperiosteal implants and we do not know which dental implants procedure would work best for you and how many teeth need replacing. Additionally, the material cost varies. Contact our office to schedule your appointment and we will give you an estimate of your dental implants cost after your examination.

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What Do Implants Cost Without Dental Implants Insurance?

Dental insurance companies usually consider implants elective, therefore they will not cover your dental implants procedure. Nevertheless, you should review your coverage carefully. If your dental implants cost concerns you, understand that we strive to offer affordable dental implants to our valued patients. At our practice, we offer financing options to make the dental implants cost more manageable.

Are There Many Steps Involved in a Dental Implants Procedure?

There are two types of procedures, endosteal and subperiosteal, but the basic steps are the same. If you are not having a bone graft first, our implant expert will prepare the site, make you comfortable and then insert a post, screw or metal framework to hold the implant. Measures, such as local anesthesia, ensure that you do not feel much pain. The implant needs time to implant itself in your jawbone and the site needs to heal before our dentist can put an abutment on the implant and then cement the crown to the abutment.

What Advantages Do Implants Have Over Other Restorations?

Implants work wonders and offer numerous advantages over other restorations, including the following.

  • Implants last a very long time, longer than bridges or dentures
  • Implants preserve bone structure, preventing your cheeks and lips from caving in
  • Implants look exactly like natural teeth
  • Implants allow you to eat as you did before

What Types of Implants Can I Select From?

We offer our valued patients the following types of implants.

Single Implant

An implant, which replaces both your tooth and its root, restores your smile and helps to prevent jawbone deterioration.

Mini Implants

Mini dental implants are used to hold dentures in place, function in a narrow space in the mouth or ensure a minimally invasive surgical procedure for the patient. These implants have a very short healing time compared to regular implants.

Implant-Supported Bridge

Implants that support a bridge have many advantages. However, they do require more office visits during the procedure. Nevertheless, your surrounding teeth won’t have to support the bridge and the implants will keep your jawbone from deteriorating in that spot.

Will I Have to Brush and Floss Differently with Implants?

Implants are very easy to care for after you have followed the post-op instructions. Treat the implant like any other tooth, brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily. Our dentist will setup a schedule for professional cleanings, and it is important that you stick to the schedule to prevent gum disease. Our dentist may suggest a soft toothbrush or antibacterial mouthwash as well.

Are Implants Available to Everyone?

Children should not get implants because their jawbone is not fully developed. Many adults are good candidates for implants. Only an implant dental professional can determine if implants are the right solution for your missing teeth. Contact our office for an appointment to see if implants can give you back the teeth, and the smile, that you have lost.

Are Implants Truly a Permanent Solution to a Missing Tooth?

In many cases, the implant itself will last a lifetime in patients who have good oral hygiene and who follow their implant specialist’s directions for regular professional teeth cleanings. These are ways to prevent gum disease, which may cause implant failure.

Call our practice for dental implants in Western Massachusetts, and to schedule your appointment for an implant evaluation.

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