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Children Health Lessons from Brushing Your Teeth to Washing Your Hands

Being clean is an important part of being healthy. You can do your part by doing a few simple things every single day. One of those is brushing your teeth, which can help to prevent cavities. When you brush your teeth, you should do so for at least two minutes at a time. Always brush in the morning and at bedtime. Another way to stay clean and protect your health is to wash your hands before and after you eat or play. Wash both of your hands using warm water and soap, and keep scrubbing for as long as it takes to sing the song “Happy Birthday.” This will kill any dangerous germs that could make you sick.

You need to keep the rest of you clean, too, not just your teeth and hands. If you want to stay healthy, take a bath or shower regularly. Be sure to wash your hair, too, and change into clean clothes every day. Making all these things a habit every day is simple and fun and can help you stay healthy and happy. Learning these good health habits can be a lot of fun, and there are lots of cool songs, games, and other activities that can make it easy for you to remember and enjoy.

The Best Teeth Games for Kids

These three easy and fun games will show you just how important it is to brush your teeth on a regular basis.

A Fun Eggsperiment

This activity shows how eggshells are very similar to our teeth and shows how teeth can become weak if they’re not taken care of.

Dental Word Search

See how many dental words you can find with this fun word-search game.

Healthy Teeth Lesson Plan

Use this lesson plan at school or at home that shows you how to brush and floss using an egg carton.

Doctor Teeth Dental Game

Play this fun interactive dental game to see if you can clean your patient’s teeth before the time is up. You can choose from different dental cleaning tools as you play.

Sesame Street Handwashing Handouts (PDF)

Print out copies of this document and hand them out to your friends and classmates. It features Elmo from Sesame Street, who shows you the importance of washing your hands.

Hair Salon Game

Choose your favorite character and then wash, dry, and style your hair while learning about hygiene and counting.

Handwashing Game

For this game, you will play “hot potato” with a bar of soap as you learn all about proper handwashing techniques.

Soap and Water Science

This awesome game helps you learn about how soap and water get your hands clean and how our hands touch all kinds of germy surfaces every day.

Handwashing Songs

Check out these fun songs that will teach you about the importance of staying clean and washing your hands while having fun!

Handwashing Experiment (PDF)

The CDC provides this printable lesson plan that explains how to get your hands really clean in order to prevent the spread of germs and disease.

Peanut Butter Fingers

This demonstration uses peanut butter to show you how much gunk can be left behind between your teeth even after you brush.

Personal Hygiene: Human Body Game

Try this online game that shows the importance of having good personal hygiene so you can stay healthy.

Keeping it Clean: Four Games About Healthy Sharing Habits

Click this link to find four fun games that teach you more about hygiene, how germs spread, and which habits are good for you.

Personal Hygiene Video

Follow the adventures of Tim and Moby as they explain the importance of personal hygiene with this fun video.

Health and Hygiene Activities

From arts and crafts to games and activities, this page is loaded with fun and interesting lessons about health and hygiene.

Personal Hygiene Fill-in-the-Blank Game

This simple game allows you to fill in the blanks so you can learn more about the importance of good habits and personal hygiene.

Keeping Clean When You’re a Preteen

Visit this page for more information about how to stay clean, including a lesson plan that can teach you more about things like breath, acne, and using deodorant.

Creating Healthy Habits: Neat and Clean (PDF)

Use this printable PDF as a lesson plan to learn all about developing good, healthy habits that will make you feel neat and clean and why it’s so important for good health.

Personal Hygiene Review Quiz

Test your knowledge with this quiz to see just how much you know about good hygiene habits.

Reducing Germs in the Classroom

With lots of pictures and information, this page is full of fun activities you can try in class or at home to learn how to reduce the spread of harmful germs.

Personal Hygiene Jeopardy Game

Test your hygiene knowledge with this awesome online Jeopardy-inspired game!

Zap the Plaque Game

Discover what your teeth are made of and how you can “zap the plaque” with this colorful online game.

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