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Important Moments in Your Child’s Dental Development

In order to ensure excellent dental health for your child, it is important that you begin taking them to a pediatric dentist at a young age. The earliest meetings are simply designed to get your child used to the dentist’s office and the dental chair, and to acquaint yourself with how their dentist prefers to work.

As they get older, though, you will want to take your child to the dentist for several important milestones in their dental development. These moments may include:

  • The eruption of their first baby teeth
  • When you are weaning them off the bottle and pacifier
  • The loss of their baby teeth, and growth of adult teeth
  • Getting sealants for their adult molars
  • When their teeth require braces or a retainer

In addition to these important moments, you will also want to bring your children in for regular checkups every six months. This helps your pediatric dentist identify signs of tooth decay and baby teeth that need to be pulled, among other things.

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