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Dr. Coughlin Publishes Article on Periodontal Disease

At Baystate Dental, we pride ourselves on employing dental professionals who provide excellent service to patients while contributing to the field of dentistry in a significant way. We are therefore proud to announce that our own Dr. Kevin Coughlin has recently published an article on the similarities between patients with periodontal disease and people being treated for obesity.

Dr. Coughlin’s article, which was published in the most recent issue of The Profitable Dentist, looks at hundreds of articles on treating inflammatory periodontal disease in adults, and compares their results with hundreds of articles on treating obesity in adults. Dr. Coughlin found several similarities between the treatment and outcome of both diseases.

Some similarities between patients with periodontal disease and patients with obesity:

  • Both have a condition with many environmental and genetic components.
  • Both have difficulty treating their condition over the long term.
  • Both have treatments that require constant follow-up and attention.
  • Both require frequent support, counseling, and check-ins to maximize their chances of success.

The similarities between gum disease and obesity are important for you to know about, because it’s a good illustration of the need for preventative dentistry. Just like it’s easier to prevent yourself from gaining weight than losing a bunch of weight you’ve already gained, it’s easier to prevent gum disease than to successfully treat it.

We hear a lot of talk about an obesity epidemic in this country, and it makes sense: 35% of our population is obese. Gum disease, however, is even more widespread, affecting over 50% of all adults in the United States! Yet we don’t hear nearly as much about periodontal disease in the news, even though it’s linked to an alarming number of health risks.

When it comes to periodontal disease, prevention should be your number one priority. And you can greatly increase your odds of preventing gum disease by visiting Baystate Dental for a checkup and cleaning twice a year.

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