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Your Oral Health Is Significantly Connected To Your Overall Health

Your oral health can be a window into your overall health as it offers very solid clues about the state of your body. Just like problems with other bodily systems can affect your oral health, bacteria that affect your gums and teeth can leave the door open for other serious health issues.

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Gum Disease: Causes and Symptoms

Periodontal disease or gum disease is caused by bacterial growth in your mouth and if not treated properly, you may end up with the more advanced form called periodontitis which can lead to tooth loss due to breakdown of the gum and bone tissue that surrounds and supports your teeth.

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Misaligned Teeth Can Cause TMJ/TMD

If you have teeth that are slightly misaligned but look “good enough” to you, you may wonder why you ought to visit our office in Western Massachusetts for braces or Invisalign. After all, if your teeth look fine, what’s the use of getting them fixed? What you may not know is that misalignment can be responsible for a variety of non-cosmetic problems.

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Teeth-Whitening Swabs: An Effective Solution?

The increased popularity of teeth whitening has led to an increase in the number of home remedies and over-the-counter products available for purchase. One of the more recent such products are teeth whitening swabs, small sticks that look like Q-tips and are supposed to noticeably whiten your teeth within a single week. So how well do they actually work?

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Symptoms of Gum Disease

If you are an adult living in the United States, chances are you suffer from mild to moderate gum disease. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has found that periodontitis, the advanced form of gum disease, affects nearly half of all American adults. Gingivitis, the early form, affects an even greater proportion of the population.

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Important Moments in Your Child’s Dental Development

In order to ensure excellent dental health for your child, it is important that you begin taking them to a pediatric dentist at a young age. The earliest meetings are simply designed to get your child used to the dentist’s office and the dental chair, and to acquaint yourself with how their dentist prefers to work.

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Can Warm Beverages Stain Your Teeth?

If you have recently received a teeth whitening treatment from Baystate Dental, chances are you want to keep your teeth white for as long as possible. For many of our patients, the winter months present a big challenge to keeping their teeth white.

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Pain After a Root Canal? Try These Steps

Tooth decay does not always begin on the surface. The pulp inside your tooth can become infected and causing a toothache, which will require a root canal to properly treat. Most root canal procedures are completed without further complications, but you may notice a pain in your tooth and jaw in the days following the procedure. Here are the steps you should…

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Dr. Coughlin Publishes Article on Periodontal Disease

At Baystate Dental, we pride ourselves on employing dental professionals who provide excellent service to patients while contributing to the field of dentistry in a significant way. We are therefore proud to announce that our own Dr. Kevin Coughlin has recently published an article on the similarities between patients with periodontal disease and people being treated for obesity.

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Thanksgiving Leftovers That May Harm Your Teeth

With all the preparation and cooking that goes into preparing each Thanksgiving meal, dental hygiene is likely the furthest thing from your mind when you start planning your menu. But one part of the Thanksgiving tradition ensures that whatever you cook for Thanksgiving will impact your family’s dental health in the weeks to come: leftovers. Yes, thanks to the size…

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