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At our Springfield at Harrison Ave. Baystate Dental location, we know that your time is important, that’s why we have hours that can accommodate most any schedule. When you make an appointment we’ll work to ensure that your visit happens professionally and quickly. If you’re having a dental emergency please give us a call and we’ll try to see you as soon as possible.

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The city of Springfield is one of the largest cities in Massachusetts and the New England area, offering a superb multicultural location for families and individuals alike, plus featuring great dental care.

Meet Our Team

Baystate Dental is a dental company with multiple offices around the state of Massachusetts, with a team of 19 dentists who serve our offices during all times of day. Our office staff and dental hygienists are well-trained and have many years of experience. We are confident that we can fulfill all of your requests to improve your oral health.

What Can We Do for You?

At Baystate Dental, you can get the following services:

  1. Complete Oral Examination. For first-time patients, we provide a complete oral exam including the head and neck areas. We also have diagnostic procedures for oral and dental concerns.
  2. Dental Cleaning. We highly recommend getting a dental cleaning at least twice a year to reduce the plaque buildup on your teeth. At Baystate Dental, our dental hygienists will clean your teeth thoroughly and keep them sparkling white.
  3. Dental X-Ray. As a diagnostic method, we use digital dental X-rays at all of our office locations to see what’s happening inside your mouth. X-rays are also offered to first time patients as part of their dental record.
  4. Scaling and Root Planing. For patients who have mild cases of gum disease, we perform scaling and root planing to eliminate the infection at its early stages.
  5. Oral Hygiene Education. Our dentists and dental hygienists can teach you and your children the proper ways of brushing the teeth, as well as general oral care practices.
  6. Root Canal Treatment. If you have a root canal infection, we can immediately perform a root canal treatment to reduce complications.
  7. Dental Restorations. We offer a wide range of restorations for chipped, cracked, and fallen teeth including crowns, bridges, and veneers.
  8. Dentures. Patients who are missing several or all of their teeth can benefit from dentures, which we can prepare within two weeks.
  9. Dental Implants. Our dentists are qualified to install dental implants to replace missing teeth and restore the functionality of the teeth and gums.
  10. Pediatric Dentistry. If you have children, it’s imperative to start their oral health care at a young age. Our dentists are trained in treating children, and we also provide sedation options to help them stay comfortable during treatment.
  11. TMJ Treatment. For patients who have jaw problems, Baystate Dental is where you should go. Our dentists diagnose and correct TMJ disorders using the latest and most effective dental devices.
  12. Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatment. Baystate Dental also provides treatment options for sleep apnea and severe snoring problems.

Visit Our Springfield Office Today!

If you’re a resident of Springfield, a great place to get cosmetic and general dental care is right here at Baystate Dental. Our team of dental professionals and office staff is always here to assist you regarding all of your dental health needs. Give us a call at (413) 306-4371/strong>, our receptionists will answer any of your queries and schedule an appointment for your dental consultation.

Visit our office during regular business hours to know more about our facilities and services. We’re very excited to meet you!