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Baystate Dental is well-known for providing high-quality dental services through qualified and professional dental surgeons, assistants and support staff . We are among the best dental practices in the region and have received many accolades from hundreds of satisfied customers.

Services Provided by Baystate

We provide a complete range of services, including various types of dental procedures, root canals and capping, dentures, tooth-colored fillings, Lumineers and veneers (ceramic and porcelain), and treatments for TMDs. If you or a family member is suffering from any of the above, you should visit us and speak to one of our experts.

We have offices in 14 different locations, making us one of the biggest names in Springfield. We offer patients a pleasant environment, the best professional treatments, and affordable prices. Moreover, the practice offers home and emergency visits if you are unable to drop by. Trust us to bring the best dental treatment to your doorstep.

We are sure you would love what we have to offer. We would also love to hear your thoughts. We encourage all our patients to leave their feedback (positive or negative) so we can continue to improve and provide the best services they have grown accustomed to with us.