In The Community

In The Community

Baystate Dental not only cares about providing the best quality dental services in the Greater Springfield, MA area, but we are also making headlines across the country! Here, you will find some publications that one of our very own dentist has written – Dr. Coughlin. Not only is he a great dentist, but he is also a well-established writer. We are always looking forward to how we can progress as not only your go to practice for all your dental needs, but also as members of our wonderful dental community.


Just Enough to Be Great in Your Dental Profession
by Kevin Coughlin, DMD

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Dental school offers the skills you need to serve patients while they’re in your dental chair, but rarely does it consider the day-to-day issues of creating, maintaining, and improving a dental practice. The newly graduated dentist is often alone as he or she stumbles through the unfamiliar realms of sales…

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Your Tooth is Killing Me
by Kevin Coughlin, DMD

You have spent the last four years diligently studying the art and science of dental medicine. You are now ready to begin your dental career, you see nothing but success in your future. After all, if you are a great dentist, the rest should fall into place, right? Not necessarily. Dentistry is, after all a business…

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Check out Dr. Coughlin’s new article in The Profitable Dentist. Please turn to page 20 to view the article.

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