botox treatmentThough Botox treatment are conventionally associated with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, numerous dentists across the United States are beginning to offer the service as well. In addition to its benefits for the skin, Botox can be used to treat a number of medical problems.

What are the Medical Uses of Botox?

As a chemical that can relax tense muscle groups, Botox can be used for treating a number of oral health issues. Two common uses for this drug in dentistry are:

  • Alleviating the Symptoms of Bruxism: Bruxism, or the habitual teeth grinding and clenching, can affect the teeth, facial muscles and the jaw. Botox can be used to relax the tense and stressed muscles caused by this condition and alleviate related headaches.
  • Treating Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD): Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is the technical term for “jaw joint problems.” Bruxism is one of the common contributors to TMD. The habitual clenching of the teeth will not only affect the muscles in the jaw but will also wear down the cartilage inside the jaw joint, forcing the ball of the joint to rub against the socket. A common symptom of TMD is the “locking up” of the jaw, making it difficult to open or close it while yawning or chewing. Botox can alleviate the symptoms associated with muscle tension by relaxing the muscles.

What are the Cosmetic Benefits of Botox?

Botox has the power to restore your youth when used in dermal fillers. These implants are injected into specific muscles in the cheek and face, relaxing them to make your face appear smoother, fuller and younger.

Opting to get dermal fillers at your dentist’s office rather than a plastic surgeon’s does have its benefits. For starters, dentists are certified professionals who possess the knowledge and expertise to apply local anesthesia. On the other hand, plastic surgeons are trained to carry out general anesthesia because the procedures they perform call for that type of sedation more often. As a result, you can rely on your dentist to get you back to your routine in no time without feeling extremely groggy or heavily sedated.

Are Dentists Qualified to Perform Botox Treatment?

Yes, dentists are actually among the few medical professionals qualified to perform Botox treatments. After all, they deal exclusively with the face, jaw, and skull. However, not every dental office offers Botox treatments since dentists need to be certified to use it first. This is why Baystate Dental is so unique.

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